How to Setup a Mikrotik Router from Scratch For Beginners

I made this guide specifically for those of you who are learning how to set up your own proxy router from scratch.
In this way, you can set your own proxy for use at home, the office, school, hotel, shop, cafe, or even RT/RW net.
By reading this tutorial, you will learn:

  • Access/oopen proxy
  • Setting IP address from ISP/Internet provider
  • sharing and spreading the internet to many users
  • Limit or limit user bandwidth
  • Create a WiFi Voucher System
  • Securing the proxy from hackers

Not only that, if you understand the concept, you will be able to set up the proxy as you wish by combining existing tutorials and knowledge.

Basic Mikrotik Setting Preparation

In order to be able to set up a proxy, you need to understand some basic things first.Even though it looks trivial and unimportant, this will be your provision for proxy settings and even become your savior later.

Mikrotik Routers Have Restrictions

Indeed, the proxy can be set to whatever you imagine it to be, but keep in mind that all the settings and rules that you make eat up resources. Mikrotik has different hardware and resource specs (CPU, RAM, storage, license) according to type and price. The higher the price, the higher the specs and resources, allowing it to run many rules. So you must understand this concept: if your proxy is small or cheap, then its capabilities are limited, so it can only be set for simple things.

Accessing the Mikrotik Router

To be able to set up the proxy, we need access to the proxy. Mikrotik has provided many ways to access the proxy, either locally or remotely. You can select the simplest path based on your current situation and circumstances.

Mikrotik Router Reset

The Mikrotik that you just bought has standard factory default settings.We don’t need these settings and need to get rid of them; it’s a shame that the default settings can’t be deleted right away.The way to delete default settings is by resetting them.In addition, a “reset” is a solution to delete all existing settings if the proxy has an error.
When you forget the reset proxy router password, it can be used to return the router to the default admin user with an empty password.

Alter the Mikrotik Router Account

After resetting and successfully logging in, opening, or entering Mikrotik, it’s a good idea to create a new account with a full group and then delete the default admin user.We need to delete the default admin user to prevent other people from entering our router (everyone will know that the default login user for Mikrotik is admin without a password).

To create a user on Mikrotik with full permissions, do the following:

  • Select Users from the system menu.
  • Click the + sign to add a user.
  • name; enter the username you want to create (it’s free, but don’t forget it);
  • in the group, you must select FULL.
  • Enter the password in the password box (it’s free to enter, but don’t forget it).
  • Click OK to save

cara membuat user dengan permission full di mikrotik.

After the user has been successfully created, try logging in to the proxy with that account.
After successfully logging in, you can delete the default proxy admin user by clicking and then clicking on the red minus sign.

Give Internet Access to the Mikrotik Router

The first step you have to take in order to be able to share the internet using a proxy is to stream the proxy with the internet (read: give the proxy internet access). You only need to assign an IP to the proxy according to the allocation given by your modem or ISP.

Configuring Automatic IP, DNS, and Gateway

If your ISP provides you with a special modem and wifi router, this will be much easier because the modem already includes a DHCP server.The modem’s DHCP server will automatically distribute or assign IP addresses to all devices connected to it.
starting from cellphones, laptops, and computers, including the proxy that we will set.To receive IP allocation from the ISP modem/router DHCP server, we must enable the DHCP client option on the proxy.The method is:

#1. Determine which port we will use for the internet entry point (stick to the ISP modem).
#2. Enable the DHCP client option on the proxy by going to the IP menu, selecting DHCP Client, and then clicking the blue plus sign.
#3. On :interface: select which interface or port you have specified according to step #1.- Examine all options (speed DNS, NTP).Add a default route and check the box.
#4. Click OK to save.

cara setting dhcp client mikrotik agar bisa mendapat IP otomatis dari DHCP server modem ISP

After clicking ON, a list of DHCP clients that you have created, along with the interface names and IPs obtained, should appear.

The interface in this example is VL-WMS with the automatic IP address and the status is bound.

Setting IP, DNS, and Static GatewayBut if the ISP doesn’t have a DHCP feature and the allocation is static, then you need to install it manually. We must know some information so that it can be manually installed on the proxy, such as:

  • IP address
  • Subnet masks
  • Gateways
  • DNS

After we get the four pieces of information, we can install them on the proxy.

# 1: How to Install a Static IP Address on Mikrotik
  • Navigate to the IP menu > Address >Click the blue plus sign.
  • Enter the IP address followed by a slash and the subnet bit.
  • On the network, you can leave it blank or fill in the IP network from the IP subnet.
  • On the interface, please select which port of the proxy you are installing the internet source on.
  • Click OK to save

Cara memasang IP static di mikrotik

# 2: How to Install Mikrotik Static DNS

The DNS server is usually the same as the gateway from the ISP IP, or you can enter a public DNS such as Google DNS, Cloudflare DNS, or openDNS.

  • Select DNS from the IP menu.
  • Fill in the ISP DNS IP or public DNS on the server.
  • Click the down triangle to add a DNS column.
  • Check “allow remote requests.”
  • Click OK to save

cara memasang DNS static di mikrotik

It is important to check “Allow remote requests” so that clients who use the internet sharing results from the proxy can resolve to domains on the internet.

# 3 How to Install a Static Mikrotik Gateway
  • Click IP > Router > click the blue plus sign to add an ISP gateway
  • fill in the fields exactly like the picture below, except for the gateway, fill in the IP from your ISP.
  • Click OK to save

Cara memsang gateway internet static di mikrotik

Mikrotik internet connection test
After you install the IP, gateway and DNS, the proxy can connect to the internet.

To check, please open the New terminal menu then type /ping

cara cek koneksi internet mikrotik menggunakan ping di teminal

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